Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Programmable keys;Anti-ghosting capacity in gaming mode;Onboard memory, save and play;Adjustable backlight;Spill-resistant

Programmable keys

All keys on the keyboard are programmable (including single keys, combination keys and macro keys). The simplified operations allow you to always be one step ahead in the game.

Anti-ghosting capacity in gaming mode

18 conflict-free keys allow you to press up to six keys simultaneously without any signal failure in gaming mode. As a result, multiple commands can be entered at any time.

Onboard memory, save and play

Built-in Flash memory can save the keyboard configuration file in the game mode. You can play the way you want it, on any computer without the help of any software.

LED backlight brightness is adjustable to make your fighting weapon cooler.

Adjustable backlight


Spill-resistant keyboard design, so you do not have to worry about the keyboard malfunctioning after accidental spills. You can continue your game.