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Rapoo Powerful 5GHz Leading Technology

Detour is the solution to road traffic jams, but what is the solution to the communication frequency jam and interference of wireless peripheral products?

Many of the current wireless peripheral products, including 2.4G WiFi (802.11b 2.4GHz WiFi) and Bluetooth, are basically derivations of 2.4G frequency. When a single frequency is applied to handle the multiplying wireless communication flow, frequency jam and interference naturally take place, just like the road traffic jam. As immediate reactions are required in the operations of mouse, keyboard and headset, they are most vulnerable to the jam and interference. This is not a fault of the user, but a technology bottle neck encountered by manufacturers.

The birth of new technology and chips

Aimed at the bandwidth restrictions and frequency jams of 2.4FHz frequency, Rapoo developed R58 special chip successfully in 2011, building new 5G System wireless technologies. Rapoo took lead in adopting 5.8GHz frequency, which is of a higher frequency, faster, more stable, and currently rarely used.

With the powerful launch of 5GHz series of mouse products in December 2011, the 2.4G project is expected to be abandoned within the year 2012.

1. Broader bandwidth, larger capacity!

5GHz technology enables the simultaneous transmission of a larger volume of data, satisfies the need for more devices to use the same frequency in the future, and helps to develop more advanced products such as 5.1 audio or video transmissions.

2. High anti-interference and penetrability

Rapoo 5GHz owns ultra anti-interference, far away from the interference of 2.4GHz wireless. It is equipped with two-way transmission, and once signal is received, the receiver gives back reaction signal to make sure the transmission is successful. It has a higher penetrability than the older project, and can still work even it was blocked by big furniture or partition

3. Power saving, with the battery life up to 18 months

The power reduction technology is further improved in the new products, prolonging the battery life. With two AA batteries placed, the battery lasts up to 18 months. It’s interesting to note that the user can choose to place only one battery, which meets the different preference for weight.

4. Invisible Engine

The traditional optical mouse gives out red light at the bottom of the mouse, which is dazzling and makes it hard to get to sleep. Rapoo mouse adopts the latest Invisible Optical tractor engine, protecting you from light pollution.

5. Ultra-mini Nano Receiver

The USB receiver used in traditional mice brings trouble in that it requires to be plugged out every time after use and it is very likely to get lost and broken. Rapoo Nano receiver observes the principle “plug-and forget”. It is so small that it takes little space. Once plugged in, you can just forget about it. Being plugged in a laptop, it can also be kept in a computer bag with the computer

6. Stylish design and crafts

Besides their newer wireless technology, the 5GHz series products also own better crafts. Take Model 3100P as an example, with the application of new molding technology in the bottom cover and the holding place on the two sides, double colors and materials are made in one molding, and thus changes in the design are added. As the technology is new, technology investments are high, so it is not yet popularized in keyboards and mice. Moreover, the latest water transfer printing technology is adopted; the designs printed on the curve are stylish, anti-friction, and not likely to fall. The Ergonomic and the flexible materials on the two sides make it comfortable to use, anti-slid and anti-sweat.


5GHz is faster and more stable than the 2.4GHz. With its stronger anti-interference, it is the best choice for you in the market of wireless peripherals.

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