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10th Anniversary of Rapoo

Shenzhen, China - 4th September 2012 - Rapoo held its 2012 Press Conference “Changes in Ten Years”, reviewing its 10-year history of ups and downs and looking into the future for development prospect. Rapoo unveiled a large number of new peripheral products on the Conference. Meanwhile, Rapoo Industrial Park was officially opened on the same day.

“The third industrial revolution is coming, and lack in technology becomes the real threat to Chinese manufacturing. The traditional concept of manufacturing shall be rewritten by the rapid development and merge of robot, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing technologies. ” said Mr. ZengHao, Rapoo’s President.

Rapoo has gained outstanding achievements since the launch of its internationalization strategy in 2011. Rapoo opened its European market through retail giants such as Metro, and 12 Rapoo products are enlisted on the 20 most hot keyboard & mouse products of Media Market, subsidiary of Metro. Shortly thereafter, Rapoo established presence in Asia Pacific in 2012. These markets will also no doubt be shining lights for Rapoo in the whole world in the future.

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