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The High Altitude Conference – 2013 Rapoo New  Product Launch Conference


Source: DGtle
September is a month of new launches. In this month, new products stream from numerous manufacturers including the well-known peripherals manufacturer Rapoo. On October 11, 2013, Rapoo held the 2013 new launch conference in Hong Kong. This was the first time for Rapoo to hold an annual conference in the international financial metropolis.
At the conference, Rapoo not only launched multiple products of audio equipment, keyboard and gaming peripherals, but also released a mysterious new product in another category. It will be unveiled in this article.

Why is the conference called "the high altitude conference"? The reason is that it was held at Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, the latest Hong Kong landmark at a height of 393 meters. The meticulous design for the site of the conference came into view just after I entered the building, with the videos displaying the development course of Rapoo products playing along the way to the lift to the top of the building (the 100th floor). 

Sky 100 employs the fastest express lift in Hong Kong. After experiencing the excellent speed and noise control, I was convinced of its reputation. (However my aim was not to evaluate the lift.) On that day, the good weather endowed the conference site with an ambient light perfectly suited for shooting. 


On the conference site, I found many exquisite snacks offered by the sponsor. However, I was busy with doing a live report and taking photos for you instead of tasting what was on offer. Next, I will introduce to you a host of new peripherals.

AMAZING 2013 – 2013 Rapoo New  Product Launch Conference:
1. Bluetooth 4.0 audio products with multipoint connection and near field communication (NFC) functions;
2. Gaming and office keyboards and mice employing innovative design philosophy;
3. Wireless storage products supporting wireless routing and mobile power-supply functions.

KX Mechanical Keyboard

KX Dual-mode Mechanical Keyboard is equipped with only 127 keys, making it much more compact than those with 178 keys. With the strong points of shorter key distance, faster trigger and fewer noises, KX, which employs the yellow axle, is an awesome choice for users who dislike the noises generated by keyboards. In addition, it is also configured with a set of touch-sensitive keys on the top line and back lights which make it look gorgeous. Fitting perfectly with Apple products, it certainly catches my attention.

T120P Touch-sensitive Mouse

With the highlight of touch sense, T120P becomes a combination of traditional mouse and touch-sensitive operation. The strip area on the mouse is the touch-sensitive area, supporting all touch-sensitive operations. This mouse is fit for the Windows 8 operating system. 

The new mouse delivered with the kit looks pretty good, with sound workmanship. The surface processed by the piano coating technique lacquer is beautiful; however, it is easily stained. With the core design philosophy of compactness and portability, this mouse contained in the kit is durable enough for most users who have no requirements for mice. Therefore, the capabilities of the mouse suit the obligations of the majority of users.

E9090P Touch Illuminated Keyboard

E9090P is extremely attractive, with multiple functions such as back lighting, touch sense and wireless charging, with a wireless charging mode. The little cuboid device on the desk is the charger. When the keyboard is charged fully, it has a standby time of about 15 days while the back lights are on. It is a highly technical product in the keyboard market.

8000 Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo

All Rapoo fans know that, in the past, Rapoo focused on middle and high-end products and paid less attention to the low-end market. At this conference, the company launched a low-priced portable wireless keyboard and mouse kit, 8000, with four colors for selection. It is configured with relatively soft keys. I think it is not only suitable for PCs but also tablets and smart TVs.

Fashionable  Wireless Kit

The newly launched keyboard and mouse kits employ minimalist appearance design, with cutting edge effects. With extremely tidy key arrangement, the chocolate keyboard is admirably suited for users with demanding visual requirement.


The attractive, amazing V700 mechanical keyboard with black-red design is not a stranger to us. However, as a displayed product at the conference, it still deserves our attention. With Rapoo-proprietary driver software, V700 enables you to change the functions of the keys at will. It is a product with comfortable hand placement and exquisite workmanship.

V900 Laser Gaming Mouse

It’s very cool, isn't it? It is V900, Rapoo's 2013 flagship gaming mouse. It is perfect in both design and workmanship. Adopting multiple materials, it gives you great feedback however the price is currently unknown.

S500 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

As a pair of mini Bluetooth earphones, S500 provides excellent tone quality, which was beyond my expectations. Meanwhile, there are three colors for selection and the metallic appearance is fashionable. It is so petite that you can easily put it into your bag and you never need to worry that it may damage your hairstyle. In a word, it is a stylish product.
A500 NFC Wireless Speaker 

A500 is not new to you. Rapoo has evolved it. Its NFC paring function simplified the 3-step paring procedure (enable Bluetooth-search-select) to only one step, which is extremely convenient. Another highlight is the satisfactory tone quality.      
A300 Bluetooth Mini NFC Speaker

A300 portable mini speaker is as large as your palm, like a cube of sugar. With the metallic appearance, it fits the Apple products perfectly. From the exquisite package and product appearance, I find that all Rapoo designers are appearance-conscious.

A600 Bluetooth Portable NFC Speaker

With a cavity larger than the A300 and A500, A600 can generate a higher volume. Additionally, its unique cavity structure design and Bluetooth 4.0-based technologies give it the best tone quality among the three products. However, its weak points is that it is larger than the other two.

Mysterious Wireless Speaker

It is so mysterious that no one knows its parameters and model. With a large cavity, the tone quality can’t be bad.

D5 Wi-Fi Storage

As one of the mysterious new products at this conference, D5 wireless storage supports Wi-Fi signal transformation through the LAN port, mobile power-supply and device storage space expansion, with tailored application for data management. Isn't this the savior for devices with extremely low standard configuration? I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Champagne Color

"We design the champagne-color devices to cater to consumers' latest taste of 'Tuhao gold'," Zeng Hao said without scruples at the conference. They look so elegant, graceful and exquisite. They’re Tuhao, you see.

Classic Product Review

All above-mentioned products have gained various design awards.


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