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RAPOO New Product Launch Conference 2013 in Hong Kong


 The frenzy wave of new products release amongst major manufacturers last month has turned September into a "new products release month". RAPOO, a global leader in providing cutting-edge wireless peripheral products will be presenting a new series “New products launch” of the upcoming esthetics models with the theme of “AMAZING 2013” in order to sustaining the trend of innovation of the brand new generation with its fabulous products. The Product Launch conference is scheduled on the eleventh this month.

According to the inside information from RAPOO, new products belonging to the various categories comprising audio, keyboard, gaming peripherals and so on will be launched. Apart from these three categories, none of the details regarding the forth category of the product are mentioned by RAPOO. Regarding the reliable sources, the brand new product is unprecedented and RAPOO has never developed this product category before. However, the mystery of new family member will not be unveiled until the day of the “AMAZING” Product Launch conference on 11th October 2013.

For Audio products, except for both the portable Bluetooth speaker A500 and the metallic Bluetooth portable headset that have been launched, the debut of the two audio products will be anticipated during the conference on 11th October. As to the keyboard, the RAPOO E9090p series will also be shown. This keyboard is a highly anticipated product as it can be recharged wirelessly! The great launch of the limited quantity of the new keyboard will be in the wake of the Product Launch ceremony. In addition to the E9090 series, another unprecedented new type of keyboard will also be launched. The gaming peripherals products that will be introduced will be the blueprint of the development of RAPOO ahead!

RAPOO who is a major player in the wireless peripheral market would like to not only consolidate its position in the industry, but also show to the world its ambition to set foot on the brand new horizon in Product Launch conference.

The location of the conference is another important point to note. The conference will be held at Hong Kong ICC Sky 100 viewing platform that remarks magnificence. The choice of the location in Hong Kong has implied that RAPOO would like to widen its horizon in the overseas markets and the strategy to extend its business internationally.

What STUNNING excitement and amazement will be brought by RAPOO, let stay tuned until 11th October!

For more details about the RAPOO “AMAZING 2013” Product Launch Ceremony, please check it out here 

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